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Contagious client enthusiasm!

This is what drives me as a career coach and infuses positive energy into my day; it's contagious!

"When I began my career coaching experience with Vicki, I had two goals: to find a challenging career in a new field, and to find a future career path that would suit my skill set, passions, and interests. Throughout the course of my coaching experience, Vicki was instrumental in helping me accomplish these goals. She walked me step by step through the process of evaluating my strengths, skills, and passions. Vicki also played a vital part in helping me target great companies to work for that would be a good fit for my career. Without Vicki, I would not have accomplished either of these goals! Not only did she help me find a fun, new career but she was invaluable in helping me plan out my future career path!" ~ James B.

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