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Vicki Pullie Stokes, Career Coach LLC 

Tel: 614-266-0875

Why choose Vicki as your career coach?

Certified Career Coach, Vicki Pullie Stokes, leverages her years of experience as a SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified Corporate HR Manager in her Career Coaching practice to give companies, organizations and individual clients a competitive edge in:

  • achieving desired goals

  • sourcing engaged candidates

  • talent management/succession planning

  • transitioning into roles of greater responsibility

  • outplacement assistance

  • navigating the complexities of a job search

  • career/industry change 

  • identifying viable entrepreneurial endeavors

  • clarifying purpose for personal career and/or college direction


Hiring Vicki as your career coach will get you RESULTS!

What can I expect from Vicki as my career coach?

In addition to Vicki's clients getting the benefit of leveraging her expertise to meet their respective career goals, Vicki uses customized signature services tailored to meet each companies' and individual client's needs.


Because of her experience working at all levels in large organizations, Vicki's coaching range and style appeals to a variety.


What sets Vicki apart from other coaches?

Vicki's versatility, interpersonal savvy, communication skills and emotional intelligence are her towering strengths.  While in college, Vicki competed as a Division I NCAA basketball player and she brings that same drive and determination to help companies and individual clients meet their goals. 

Tel: 614-266-0875

P.O. Box 7691, Cave Creek, AZ 85327

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Vicki Pullie Stokes is a Certified Career Coach (CCC), Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).  Vicki is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Business with a BSBA (Major in Human Resources).  With years of experience in corporate senior management level Human Resources roles, Vicki empowers companies, organizations and individual clients through engagement in customized career coaching services.


Clients achieve career satisfaction by discovering and aligning their unique life purpose with critical career decisions during every stage of the work-life cycle. 


Companies and organizations attract more qualified and engaged candidates with passion for their chosen career.

Tel: 614-266-0875

Note: group coaching and a la carte customizable options available upon request

Tel: 614-266-0875

sample coaching package #1

After initial intake session, rates start as low as $250.00 per service


1.  Intake session/strengths assessment
2.  Your life’s purpose
3.  Your values
4.  What motivates you

sample coaching package #2

**20% off Bundle Discount Available on all services**

Includes all of #1 (included below for convenience) plus 8 additional sessions:
1.  Intake session/strengths assessment
2.  Your life’s purpose
3.  Your values
4.  What motivates you
5.  Your knowledge, skills and abilities
6.  Your work experience – and what you enjoy now
7.  Your job/career target –part 1
8.  Your job/career target – part 2 

9.  Your ideal work environment
10.  “Business reality” – compensation, benefits, current market conditions
11.  Your Authentic Vocation Profile
12.  Your Job Search Plan




**40% off Bundle Discount Available on all services**

Includes all of #2 plus the following 12 sessions (24 in all):
13.  Your brand identity – ensuring it matches your goals
14.  Job search tools
15.  Branding yourself online (Linkedin, etc.)
16.  Your resume(s)
17.  Company research and interview prep
18.  Interviewing Q&A, role play
19.  Strategies to access unpublished opportunities: networking
20.  Strategies to access unpublished opportunities: online
21.  Using recruiters – and/or other published avenues
22.  Fielding offers
23.  Negotiating your package
24.  Setting your course for next steps in career management and/or business ownership

sample coaching package #3



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